Wapsipinicon Mill

Wapsipinicon Mill is a flour mill built in 1867 on the Wapsipinicon River in Independence, Iowa.   The mill now serves as a museum.  The building's location make it easy to shoot from the east side of the river, facing west.  This photo was taken at sunset on February 29, 2016.

This image is  combination of three exposures, which were needed to capture the full dynamic range of the scene.  Since the mill is backlit by the setting sun, capturing the detail of the mill  results in a over-exposed sky.  In addition, the blurring of the water requires a long exposure, which also over-exposes the sky.  The resulting image resembles the scene as viewed by the human eye.

This was my first visit to Wapsipinicon Mill.  Being only 30 minutes from home, it is close enough for me to visit when the weather and lighting are optimal.  I plan to return to this location in the future during different seasons and weather.  I imagine the mill would look nice during autumn mornings when the sun is illuminating the east-facing side of the mill and the trees are full of color.

Untitled photo
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